U12 fixture issues UPDATED
Date of Event : Fri Nov 23, 2018 6:58PM

UPDATE (24/11/18):

It has taken a lot of very creative mucking around, but finally we were able to clear all the existing data for all U12 matches.

This was far from straight forward & MyCricket did put up a hell of a fight!

All matches for round 1 to 4 have been re-entered & will be made live around midday Sunday (we need to make sure this message has been seen before making them live).

To assist with the regrading process that still needs to be done, all matches for all U12 divisions have been entered into the one fixture (U12-1 red).

What we need now is for all clubs to enter MATCH RESULTS ONLY.


We only require the complete match results at this point, as any further information will only cause further delays & penalties may be imposed if this is not followed.

We will advise when teams & scorecards can be entered.


ALL CLUBS, please ensure that all MATCH RESULTS for rounds 1 to 4 are entered & confirmed before 6pm this Sunday (Nov 25).

Either club may enter the results, with the other club to confirm.

The sooner this is done, the sooner we can get the rest of the process completed – PLEASE DO NOT WAIT FOR THE OTHER CLUB TO DO THIS.


Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.







MyCricket has proven to be extremely problematic this season with glitch after glitch after glitch & whilst the U14 & U16 re-gradings were relatively hassle free, the U12’s are a completely different story.

The system is simply not cooperating & what should have been relatively straight forward, has become a catastrophic mess.

Rather than continuing with the fight against the system & making the mess even larger, we need to completely wipe everything & start again from scratch, which will then (theoretically) clean everything up.

Unfortunately this will mean that all scorecards for all U12 games in all 3 divisions will need to be re-entered for the first 4 rounds.

There are a number of clubs that failed to enter them in the first place, so this will also be a final opportunity for them to get all the stats entered. Our apologies to the rest of the clubs who did get theirs in on time.

There is still a lot of work to be done to clear all of the matches to date & we are hoping to have this completed & the fixtures back online by Sunday evening.

Once this is done, another email will be sent out to clubs with time frames of when to get the scorecards for the first 4 rounds entered by.

Please be patient as this is not an easy task & will be quite time consuming.

Further updates will be forthcoming, when we have something to report.


Last updated: Saturday February 2, 2019 10:22AM
Author: Jason Viney
WGCA Competitions
Select Grade:
Grade: Premier Round: GF 23 Mar 19
24 Mar 19
Pakenham   def   Koo Wee Rup
Grade: District Round: GF 23 Mar 19
24 Mar 19
Cranbourne Meadows   def   Cardinia
Grade: Sub-District Round: GF 23 Mar 19
24 Mar 19
Koo Wee Rup   def by   Pakenham Upper Toomuc
Grade: B Grade Round: GF 23 Mar 19
24 Mar 19
Officer   def   Cranbourne Meadows
Grade: C Grade Round: GF 23 Mar 19
24 Mar 19
Pakenham Upper Toomuc   def   Pakenham
Grade: D Grade Round: GF 23 Mar 19
24 Mar 19
Merinda Park   tied   NNG/Maryknoll
Grade: E Grade Round: GF 23 Mar 19
24 Mar 19
Clyde   def   Pakenham Upper Toomuc
Grade: F Grade Round: GF 23 Mar 19
24 Mar 19
Catani Cricket Club   def   Pakenham
Grade: 1 Day Competition Round: GF 23 Mar 19
Pakenham Upper Toomuc   def   Emerald
Grade: Under 16 (1) red Round: GF 23 Mar 19
24 Mar 19
Koo Wee Rup   def   Pakenham Blue
Grade: Under 16-2 White Round: GF 23 Mar 19
24 Mar 19
Pakenham Maroon   def   Cranbourne Meadows
Grade: Under 14-1 Red Round: GF 23 Mar 19
24 Mar 19
Devon Meadows   def by   Tooradin
Grade: Under 14-2 Green Round: GF 23 Mar 19
24 Mar 19
Carlisle Park Vikings 1   def   Pakenham Blue
Grade: Under 12-1 Red Round: GF 21 Mar 19
22 Mar 19
Upper Beaconsfield blue   def   Officer gold
Grade: Under 12-2 Green Round: GF 21 Mar 19
22 Mar 19
Cranbourne Meadows Cricket Club   def by   Pakenham maroon