WGCA Finals - Umpires Notice 2017/18
Date of Event : Thu Jan 18, 2018 10:53AM

To All WGCA Clubs, 
With the road to finals upon us, we need to start to consider the allocation of umpires for finals.   With a depleted number of umpires this season, we need to ask all clubs to contact their members and find out who will be willing to assist umpiring the semi-finals and potentially even a grand-final. I will note that the preference will be to have two official umpires in all grades for grand finals if possible.   If we do not get any club members to assist, there could be many semi-finals games with a single umpire to ensure games are covered with at least one official umpire with clubs supplying the square leg.    
If your club is unlikely to make finals please ask your members to assist.   Any stand in umpire will be paid in accordance with WGCA rules. Senior Finals Umpires are paid $130. 
If you have any members willing to assist, please let me know. 
Whilst contacting your members, if you have any past or retiring members who are interested in taking up umpiring next season, please ask them to contact myself, Michael Meeng or David Webster.   It is the best seat in the house where you get to watch some quality cricket and more enjoyable than what people may think - plus they will be paid to be in the middle 

Ian Fuller
Vice President
West Gippsland Cricket Umpires Association
Phone: 0407 666 634


Last updated: Thursday January 18, 2018 10:55AM
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