1.1.  The Laws of Cricket and West Gippsland Cricket Association Local 

Rules, except as varied hereafter, shall apply.

1.2.  An entry fee will be invoiced to clubs to cover the costs of balls 

(including finals) & any other expenses incurred for the running of the 



2.1. Players may only be eligible to play a Kookaburra Cup match if they are

registered at their competing club and have played at least 2 regulars 

competition matches within the WGCA (any grade) in the current 


2.1.1. If a T20 match is scheduled during October, players who have

not qualified under KC2.1 may play, but must play the required

number of games to qualify by the completion of round 1 (mid


2.1.2. Any club who fails to qualify a player under 2.1.1 shall be 

disqualified &/or fined.

2.2. A team of 12 players shall be named prior to the toss of the coin.

2.3. Of these 12 players, only 11 shall bat, and 11 may bowl. Clubs may have

a designated batsman & a designated bowler.

2.4. Only 11 players may take the field at any time.

2.5. Only players named in the initial 12 may take the field.


3.1. The matches will consist of one innings per side with each innings to be

completed within one hour and 15 minutes.

3.2. Standard Scheduled Start and Cessation Time are as follows:

First Session 2.00pm 3.15pm

Interval 3.15pm 3.30pm

Second Session 3.30pm 4.45pm

In the event of a double header, the first match shall commence

at 11.00am and conclude by 1.45pm.

3.3.  Game starting times (and dates) may vary at the agreement of the 

competing clubs. In this case, clubs are asked to inform the organisers

and local press to ensure adequate notice is given to spectators and 

other clubs.

3.4.  Intervals between innings shall be of 15 minutes duration.  No other 

drinks intervals are permitted.

3.5. If no play is possible, the match shall be declared a draw.


4.1. Uninterrupted matches

4.1.1. Each team shall bat for 20 overs unless dismissed earlier. If the

team batting first is dismissed in less than 20 overs, the team 

batting second shall only be entitled to bat for 20 overs.

4.2. Interrupted matches

4.2.1.  In double headers, curtain raisers may be delayed until the 

expected conclusion of the match is not beyond 3pm.

4.2.2. The second match of a double header, or a single match, may

be extended so that the expected finishing time of the match is


4.2.3. Matches that cannot be concluded in this time shall be declared

a draw.

4.2.4. Should a semi-final or final not be completed due to rain, a 

bowl-out shall occur to determine the winner.


5.1. Each side must bowl their allotted 20 overs with the 1 hour 15 minutes


5.2. Should the side bowling first fail to bowl their allotted overs within 1 

hour 15 minutes, then they shall receive only the overs bowled within the

timeframe, including any over that had commenced before the 1 hour 15

minute deadline.

5.3. Should the side bowling second fail to bowl their allotted overs within 

1 hour & 15 minutes, then they shall forfeit any runs scored during them 

innings off overs they have yet to bowl (i.e. if the side bowling second

has only bowled 17 overs at the deadline, they shall forfeit any runs they

scored off over 18, 19 and 20).

5.4. Five overs shall be bowled consecutively from each end (i.e. overs 1-5

from one end, 6-10 from them other etc).

5.5. The bowling team shall determine which end the innings will start.

5.6. Each bowler may bowl a maximum of four overs.


6.1.  Only Kookaburra 4-piece cricket balls of the type designated & 

distributed by the Association prior to the commencement of each 

round may be used.

6.2.  The WGCA will bulk-order the balls and will distribute them to the 

competing clubs prior to each match.

6.3. One new ball shall be used for each innings.


7.1. When there is no interruption after play has commenced and when both

sides have had the opportunity of batting for the same agreed number

of overs, the team scoring the higher number of runs shall be the winner.

A tie is equal runs, irrespective of wickets lost.

7.2.  Should a match not be completed within the allotted time, it shall be 

declared a draw.  Should a final or semi-final not be completed due to 

rain, a bowl out shall take place to determine the winner.

7.3.  Except for finals, any match not completed by the round 

completion date set by the Association shall be declared as a draw with

a team chosen at random by the Association, to progress through to the

next round.


8.1. In the event a semi-final or final is washed out or tied, and if conditions

permit (umpire/s shall decide), a bowl-out will be contested to achieve

a result

8.2. Five players from each side will bowl over-arm two deliveries each at a

wicket (conforming to Law 8) pitched at 22 yards with, if

practicable, bowling, popping and return creases (conforming to Law 9).

The side to bowl first will be decided on the toss of a coin

8.3.  The first bowler from Team A will bowl two deliveries, then the first 

bowler from Team B will bowl two deliveries and then the second bowler

from Team A will bowl two deliveries and so on.

8.4.  The side which bowls down the wicket (as defined in Law 28.1) most 

times shall be the winner. If the scores are equal, the same players will

bowl one ball each alternately to achieve a result on a sudden death 


8.5. If circumstances make a bowl-out impossible (Umpires shall decide), 

the match shall be decided by the toss of a coin under the supervision

of the Umpires.

8.6. The same suitably acceptable ball (not a new one) will be used by 

both teams. If this ball becomes wet, it may be changed subject to the

umpires approval.

8.7. If a bowler bowls a no ball it will count as one of his two deliveries but

will not count towards the score of the team, i.e. If a wicket is achieved,

it will not count.

8.8. If the original match has started, the five cricketers to take part in the 

bowl-out must be selected from the original 11 nominated players.

8.9. If the match has not started, the five cricketers to take part in the bowl-

out can be any five eligible, registered players from that club.

8.10. Each side will appoint a wicket-keeper to stand behind the wicket but

out of reach of the stumps.


9.1. A field restriction line hereafter referred to as the circle, must be marked

on the ground prior to each T20 match. The circle is to be marked at a

radius of 30 meters from the centre of the stumps at each end & from a

straight line up the centre of the pitch.

9.2. At the instant of delivery there shall not be more than five fieldsmen on

the leg-side.

9.3. At the instant of delivery there shall not be more than the below listed

number of fieldsmen outside the circle for the over in play

9.3.1.  For the first 5 overs (1~5) of each innings, only two fieldsmen 

are permitted outside the circle.

9.3.2.  For the second group of 5 overs (6~10), only 3 fieldsmen are 

permitted outside the circle.

9.3.3. For the second group of 5 overs (11~15), only 4 fieldsmen are

permitted outside the circle.

9.3.4. For the final 5 overs of the innings (16~20), only 5 fieldsmen are

permitted to be outside the circle.


10.1.  Official umpire may be allocated to matches but only at the request 

of the 2 clubs competing with the payment to be arranged by the 

competing clubs prior to the commencement of the second innings.

10.2. If no official umpires are in attendance, then each competing side must

supply 1 umpire for each innings unless both sides agree upon neutral


10.3. Official umpires will attend all finals matches.


11.1.  The Captain of the batting side may not declare his innings closed at 

any time during a match.


12.1.  The delivery following a no ball shall be a free hit for whichever 

batsman is facing it.  If the delivery for the free hit is not a legitimate 

delivery (any kind of no ball), then the next delivery will become a free

hit for whichever batsman is facing it. For any free hit, the striker can be

dismissed only under the circumstance that apply for a no ball, even if

the delivery for the free hit is called wide ball.

12.2. Field changes will only be permitted for free hit deliveries if a different

batsman is on strike for the free hit delivery.

12.3. The ball following a wide shall not be declared a free hit.


13.1.  The incoming batsman must be in position to take guard or for his 

partner to be ready to receive the next ball within 1 minute 30 seconds

of the fall of the previous wicket. The incoming batsman is expected to

be ready near the boundary to make his way to the wicket immediately

a wicket falls and is expected to jog to the wicket.


14.1. Players shall be permitted to wear coloured club shirts and equipment

in their clubs colours, so long as all players are wearing the same 

coloured attire & that it conforms to the Association guidelines regarding

sponsors logos etc., otherwise full whites as per a regular game must be



15.1. Prize money of $2000 shall be distributed on the following basis:

$1000 to the winner

$500 to the runner up

$250 to the losing semi finalist


16.1.  16 teams will compete in knockout competition or another format as 

specified by the Executive prior to the commencement of the season.

16.2.  Four points shall be awarded for a win in the group stage, with two 

points for a tie or draw, and none for a loss.

16.3. A bonus point shall be a warded to a side that can chase down its target

within 15 overs or restrict its opponent to 75% of its score.


17.1.  The fixture shall be drawn at random by the Fixtures Committee with 

round completion dates set at the start of the season.

17.2. The first club drawn shall be the home side with the 2 competing clubs

to arrange a suitable playing date & time prior to the round completion


17.3. If a match has not been completed by that rounds set completion date

(unless an extension has been granted), then a team from that game will

be selected at random to go through to the next round


18.1.  Clubs are asked to keep track of the number of balls each batsman 


18.2.  Both competing teams are to complete the match results & full 

scorecards in the online MyCricket system within 24 hours of the 

completion of the match but no later than 9pm on the scheduled match

completion date.

18.3. All reporting for finals matches must be completed online by 8pm on the

day of the match.

18.4. Any press reports will be taken from the online match reporting, however,

further information may be provided via email to the Associations Press



19.1. The organisers retain the right to interpret and amend these rules where

necessary.  All disputes shall be settled by the organisers, and the 

organisers decision is final.


Clubs are permitted 1 Marquee player only the Marquee player name 

is to be nominated in writing to the Secretary of the WGCA by October

31st of each season Clubs are not permitted to change their marquee 

player once the marquee player is nominated.