WGCA By-Laws 2019-20

WGCA By-Laws 2019/20



1.1. The competition shall consist of such grades & teams as are admitted & determined at the Affiliation Meeting.

1.1.1. Grading of teams shall be based on the following criteria:

1.1.1.a. Clubs shall be graded into three A Grade divisions known as Premier, District and Sub District with compulsory first XI team from each club competing in these grades.

1.1.1.b. All 2nd XI & subsequent teams will be graded in B Grade & below.

1.1.1.c. Clubs may compete their 2nd & 3rd XI teams in the District or Sub-District divisions, if the Fixtures Committee with approval from the Board of Management, believe they deserve to be playing at the higher level. This will be permitted by the sole discretion of the Fixtures Committee & the Board of Management.

1.1.2. Notwithstanding the above, any 1st Eleven Club may apply to the Board in writing to play their 1st XI team in a grade below Sub-District.

1.1.2.a. Such application shall be lodged with the Association not later than 14 days prior to the affiliation meeting of any season.

1.1.2.b. The Board shall at its discretion approve or reject that application.

1.1.2.c.  If the Board agrees to that application, it shall grade the team to an appropriate grade for that season only & a new application shall be required from the club, as set out above, for any subsequent season.

1.1.3. A club may have only one team in any senior grade, except for the lowest two-day grade or the one-day competition grade, or if a club submits an extra team to fill a vacancy in a grade.

1.1.3.a. When the number of teams from any individual club increases or decreases from the previous season, then the grading of all that clubs teams will be reviewed.

1.1.4. When the number of teams in a grade changes from one season to the next, then all Clubsgradings will be reviewed.

1.1.5. When possible, Premiers will be promoted & bottom sides relegated.

1.1.5.a. When Premiers of a grade are eligible for promotion & already have a team in the next higher grade, or, if a team to be relegated already has a team in the next lower grade, then the gradings of all that clubs teams will be reviewed.

1.1.5.b In order to facilitate the promotion/relegation process, the Fixtures Committee at its discretion & by approval from the Board of Management, may promote or relegate a team other than the premiers or bottom side.

1.1.6. Each clubs gradings will be primarily based on their performance during the previous season/s, with the main focus on the balancing the grades.

1.1.6.a. Clubs may apply to the Fixtures Committee & the Board of Management for special dispensation to their team gradings due to exceptional circumstances not reflected in their previous performances.

1.1.7. Each individual clubs teams will be separated by as minimal number of grades as far as possible.

1.2. Recommendations with respect to dates of play, 1-day &/or 2-day games, numbers of teams per grade, length of season & the timing of finals should be made through the Board of Management to the Affiliation meeting for consideration by the fixtures committee.

1.3. The series of matches shall be arranged by the fixtures committee & shall start on the first Weekend in October (if possible).

1.4. All players under the age of 18 shall be referred to as a junior player in regards to all Association Rules & By-Laws.

1.5. For all WGCA Rules & By-Laws where the penalty for a breach is the loss of match points; if no match points can be deducted (i.e. the breaching club has lost the match), the penalty shall be a fine of $100 plus any other penalty as listed within the Rule or By-law.


2.1 All matches shall be played on surfaces approved by the Association.

2.1.1 All new surfaces shall be artificial grass such as Simpson Turf of minimum dimensions 25m x 2.5m.


3.1 Club colours should be registered with the Association.


4.1 The results of matches shall be recorded online using the following points system:

First innings win

12 points

Outright win if winning team leads on, first innings

20 points

Outright win where first innings a tie

16 points

Outright win if the winning team behind on first innings

12 points

Outright tie

10 points

Outright loss after leading on first innings

8 points

Tie on first innings

6 points

Outright loss after tie on first innings

4 points

Drawn game

6 points


12 points


5.1. If a player is already registered on the Cricket Victoria online system at a different club, with the same registration details, then a clearance must be requested online & the following process must be adhered to.

5.1.1. The players intended club must request the player to be cleared to their club from their current club using the online system. The players current club will receive an email notification of the request. CARE MUST BE TAKEN TO SUBMIT THE CLEARANCE APPLICATION TO THE PLAYERS MOST RECENT PERMANENT CLUB (not as a fill in or marquee player).

5.1.1.a. Under no circumstances may the transfer process be used without prior written consent from the WGCA Records Secretary or WGCA Secretary.

5.1.1.b All preapproved transfers, must have a corresponding permit submitted in the online cricket management system.

5.1.2. The players current club has fourteen (14) days to either accept or decline the clearance request.

5.1.3. If the players current club does not respond within fourteen (14) days then the clearance shall be approved. The Records Secretary shall accept the clearance & confirm the clearance to the players new club.

5.1.4. If the players originating club approves the clearance request within the fourteen (14) days of its requesting date then the clearance shall be approved & finalised & all parties will be notified by email.

5.1.5. If the players originating club declines the request without any reason given, then the clearance shall be granted. The Records Secretary shall accept the clearance & confirm the clearance to the players new club.

5.1.6. If the players current club has declined the request & has stated the reason why it will not grant a clearance, then the Records Secretary shall inform the WGCA Secretary or failing him, the President of the Association immediately.

5.1.6.a. At least three members of the Board of Management whose clubs are not involved shall then meet within five days to hear the clearance dispute & decide if the clearance shall be granted or not granted.

5.1.6.b. Both clubs involved &/or the player concerned are allowed to be present at the meeting if they choose to do so.

5.1.6.c. All parties must be contacted at least three days before the meeting.

5.1.6.d. If the reason stated by the players originating club is deemed by the members of the Board of Management present at this meeting to be frivolous then they may fine the players club any amount up to $50 (WGCA clubs only).

5.2. If the clearance is from a club within the WGCA, then the player will not be eligible to play until the clearance has been approved except as stated in BL5.4.

5.3. If the clearance is from a club outside of the WGCA, then during the 14 day clearance period or up to the date when an objection from the players former club is lodged online, the player is available for selection with their new club.

5.3.1. If such an objection is lodged during the progress of a match (with reasonable notification), then that player is no longer eligible to participate until an appeal on the matter has been dealt with by the Board of Management.

5.3.2. In these cases; during the 14 day clearance period, should the player take part in a match prior to the clearance being granted or denied, the players new club will not be able to complete their online team sheet or scorecard until the clearance has been finalised.

5.3.2.a. In these cases, the club should notify the WGCA Secretary, MyCricket Manager, Treasurer & opposing club of the pending clearance to avoid fines being issued for incomplete scorecards.

5.4 Any player that has not played at any club in the past 2 seasons may have the right to play with whichever club he wishes unless the player is ineligible under C13.11 &/or C13.12.

5.4.1.  In these cases, a clearance request is still required, but only for administration purposes to get the players details added to the club. It should be noted on the request that the player has not played in at least 2 seasons.

5.4.2. The period from the first weekend in October to the last weekend in March of the following year shall constitute a season including finals.

5.5. Clearances may be lodged online only between August 1st & March 31st of each year; however, disputes will only be investigated for clearances lodged prior to November 30 each year.

                5.5.1. The November 30 deadline does not preclude the Board of Management, at its discretion, from investigating clearance disputes at any time throughout the season.

5.6.  No clearances may be lodged between April 1 & July 31st in any year.


6.1. All players before participating in competition matches must be registered with the Association.

6.1.1. The club concerned must first search for the player in the Associations database. If the player is already registered at another club with the same registration details then a clearance must be requested as per BL5. Under no circumstances is a player to be duplicated on the database.

6.1.2. All junior players MUST produce an extract of birth or an equivalent determined by the Board of Management when registering to play for a club & THIS MUST BE SIGNED BY THEIR PARENTS/LEGAL GUARDIANS.

6.1.2.a. This approval must be kept on file by the club until the player is over the age of 18 or for a period of 2 years after the player ceases to play at the club & must be produced upon request by the Association.

6.1.3.b All junior players must have their correct date of birth entered during the registration process in the online registration system.

6.2. Any player will be deemed as tied to a club after being registered online & after taking part in at least one regular season match & that player may only play for another club once a clearance has been approved except as stated in BL5.4.

6.2.1. A permit may be issued by the Records Secretary for a junior player to play for a junior side of another club if his club has no junior side in which he can qualify to play & that both clubs concerned & the players parents all agree in writing, that the player shall be able to do so.

6.3. All players who comply with the requirements of the Constitution shall be eligible to play in Association matches. Any club playing a player who does not comply with the requirements of registration or playing a player without a clearance or without a permit shall lose any match points gained for all matches in which the player takes part & in addition shall be fined a sum of $10 (ten dollars) on account of each match. 1st innings match points shall be awarded to the opposing side. (see also BL 1.5)

6.4. Club administrators must take care when bulk registering their players for the new season, that ONLY those players who will be playing in the upcoming season are included. This will reduce the number of players on selection lists, however it will not remove the players or their statistics from the database.

6.5. Any club which has two teams entered in the same grade, must forward to the Records Secretary a list of players names that are registered to play in each team in the grade. Such a list shall be forwarded to reach the Records Secretary no later than October 31st in each season.

6.5.1. No player may play in another team in the same grade other than the team which he has been registered after the aforementioned date without first receiving a permit from the Board of Management.

6.6. A player who for some reason must play in a grade lower than the one in which he last played in during that season, irrespective of games missed, will not be allowed to play any further than the next grade down sponsored by his club. PENALTY: $100 fine + LOSS of ALL match points & 1st innings points to be awarded to the opposing side. (see also BL1.5)

6.7. A junior aged player must have written parental permission to play in any junior grades, or in any senior grades, higher than they are eligible for under their registration. (Parent consent to play in a senior grade means ANY senior grade). This permission must be in the hands of the Record Secretary PRIOR to the commencement of play. Failure to comply will result in the loss of match points PENALTY: $10 fine + LOSS of all match points & 1st innings match points to be awarded to the opposing side. (see also BL 1.5)

6.8. No player is permitted to play in any junior grade below his age level unless permission has been granted by the Board of Management. PENALTY: LOSS of all match points & $100 fine. (see also BL 1.5)

6.9. Those players who play for a side in the Sunday competition must be registered separately. On the registration form each players birth date, age to the nearest month as of the 1st of September & the club he is registered to play with on a Saturday, if any, must be stated. The rules of the Sunday competition shall be amended from time to time by the Board of Management as the needs arise. Such rules & any rule change will be forwarded to all affiliated members of the Association.


7.1. Semi Finals & Finals matches shall be played on such grounds that the Fixtures Committee may allocate as per BL7.2 or by recommendation by the Board of Management.

7.2. The top four teams in each grade shall play in the finals series each season.

7.2.1 First team shall play fourth team & the second shall play the third team in the Semi-Finals with the 2 winning sides progressing through to the Grand Final.

7.2.2 The 2 highest placed teams on the ladder shall host a home Semi-Final, providing that in the opinion of the fixtures committee, their ground is in suitable condition for a finals match & that ground is available for use.

7.2.3 In Grand finals, except for the top 3 junior grades, the highest ranked team on the ladder shall host the match, providing that in the opinion of the fixtures committee, their ground is in suitable condition for a finals match & that ground is available for use.

7.2.4 The top 3 junior grade Grand Finals are to be played on the same grounds as the Premier, District & Sub-District Grand Finals, which should be in the same order of grade ranking.

7.2.4.a The fixtures committee may switch these matches around to ensure that all facilities are available at these matches.

7.2.5 Should the fixtures committee decide that any ground is unsuitable for a finals match, then a suitable alternative ground shall be sought; this includes the possibility of using the other competing teams home ground, if suitable & available, to ensure that all facilities are available for the entire match.

7.3 All Grand-Final host clubs must have toilet, changeroom & canteen facilities available, along with any other facilities deemed necessary for the match.

7.4 In All Finals, the HOST team is to provide stumps and any other required equipment on all days of the match.

7.4.1 Unless the 2 competing clubs come to another arrangement; The HOST team is to provide afternoon tea and drinks on first playing day of the match.

7.4.1.a. The OPPOSITION team is to provide afternoon tea & drinks on the second playing day of the match.

7.4.1.b. Should the match continue into a third or forth day, then afternoon tea & drinks shall be provided in alternate turns by the two competing clubs in the same order as previously stated in this By-Law.

7.5 The Board of Management may take any action deemed necessary against any club that fails to fulfil the requirements involved with competing in & hosting all finals matches.


8.1. Ground maintenance including mowing & watering of the ground during any finals match played over consecutive days shall only be permitted with prior consent from the Board of Management.

8.2. Both competing clubs & umpires must be informed of the planned maintenance prior to the toss of the coin.

8.3. Any approved maintenance must also be performed at approximately the same time prior to each day of play.

8.4. Club officials from each competing club may be present at the time the maintenance is performed & for the purpose of this rule, the host club must give sufficient notice to the competing clubs of the planned time/s of maintenance.


9.1. Qualification Criteria (it is the clubs responsibility to have a sufficient number of players qualified for finals 

9.1.1. Any player selected to play in semi-final or Grand final matches must have played at least 6 of the available playing days with the club in that season. This also applies the 12th, 13th and further men if required.

9.1.2. For a Player to play in a lower grade in the semi-finals or Grand Finals, they must have played more games in that grade or lower than the total games played in a higher grade.

9.1.3. When a club has consecutive teams in finals then a player eligible for one team is also eligible for the other with the exception of the 1-day competition, providing that BL6.6 is also adhered too.

9.1.3.a This shall only apply whilst the club has consecutive teams & the player shall no longer qualify if one of the teams is knocked out of the finals

9.1.4 All clubs competing in grand final matches in all senior grades are to enter a team of 12 players into MyCricket before 10am on the Friday prior to the match for verification of qualification eligibility by the Records Secretary.

a) Any changes to this team after the 10am deadline must also be immediately communicated to the Records Secretary via email or phone for verification.

b) Any club failing to submit a complete team list by the 10am deadline will be fined $50 for each team not fully submitted

9.2. FINALS ELIGIBILITY FOR the 1-day competition GRADE

9.2.1. Any player selected to play in any 1-day competition finals matches must have played at least 6 playing days in the 1-day competition grade games with the club in that season.

9.2.2. For a player to play in the 1-day competition finals not have played more days in any higher grade/s.


10.1 All disputes arising in connection with this Competition shall be referred to the Board of Management.

10.1.1 Any club/body referring a dispute to the Association shall submit a written statement on the matter in dispute, to the Association Secretary no more than 3 days after the cause of the disagreement has occurred.

                10.1.1.a A copy of this statement must also be submitted to any/all other parties involved in the dispute, including but not limited to another club or the Umpires Association.

10.1.1.b. a fee of $50 will be invoiced to the club raising the dispute, which shall be reversed if the decision is in favour of the referring club or if the matter is deemed as not frivolous.

10.1.2. The  Secretary of the Association will notify the clubs when to appear before the Board of Management, who shall, after hearing the evidence, give their decision.

10.1.3. The Board of Management shall consider the dispute prior to the next scheduled match if possible.


11.1 The Association shall each season award the following trophies & pennants:


11.1.1.a. To be awarded in each grade as long as the conditions in BL12 are met.

 Highest aggregate of runs

 Highest batting average

 Highest aggregate of wickets

 Lowest bowling averages


 To be awarded in each grade from votes submitted by umpires & opposition captains.

11.1.1.c. TEAM OF THE YEAR

 12 players selected from Premier Division is to be selected by the Board of Management based on player statistics from that season.

 To be awarded to each player selected in each team


 To be awarded to the best player of the Country Week Team.

 Player to be awarded shall be chosen by the Senior Selection Committee

11.1.1.e. KOOKABURRA CUP (Twenty20 Competition)

 A Man of the Match medallion to be awarded after the match to the best player in the Grand Final.

 The winning team in the Grand Final will receive a Premiership Cup to be awarded after the match.

 A player of the tournament based on statistics shall be awarded a medal at the Presentation night.

 The winning club shall receive $1,000 plus the Perpetual Trophy (Presentation Night)

 2nd place club shall receive $500 (presentation night)

 The 2 semi-finalist clubs shall receive $250 each. (presentation night)

- All prize money courtesy of Kookaburra Sport

11.1.1.f. JEFF WALLACE AWARD (Donated by & Named after Jeff Wallace)

 To be awarded to the best administered club each season as selected by the Board of Management.


 To be awarded to the club with the best administered & promoted junior program each year.

 To be awarded at the Junior Presentation event.


 To be selected by the umpires officiating in each junior & senior Grand Final

 To be awarded after the match, to the best player in each grand final match


 To be awarded to the winning team for each senior & junior Cup Grand Final


 Each premiership team in all senior & junior grades shall receive:

 A premiership pennant created in the clubs colours.

 A perpetual shield.



12.1.1 In all junior & senior grades, including the 1-day competition, a player must have played in at least half of the available playing days in that grade to qualify for any batting or bowling award.

12.1.2. In senior grades a player must have scored more than 250 runs to be awarded the batting average or bowled a minimum of 80 overs to be awarded the bowling averages.

12.1.3. In junior grades the player must have scored at least 140 runs in U16s, 120 runs in U14s or 100 runs in U12s to be awarded the batting averages or have bowled at least 35 overs in U16s, 30 overs in U14s or 25 overs in U12s to be awarded the bowling averages.


12.2.1. A player must score 180 runs for the batting award & bowl 40 overs for the bowling award.


13.1. Match Results

13.1.1. It is the responsibility of the home side to enter the Match Summary Result after each weeks matches; however, either club may do so.

13.1.1.a.  Any person using the LiveScore app, must save, unlock & exit the match before closing the app.

13.1.1.b.  Failure to do so will attract the penalty listed in BL13.1.5 to the club whom the person using the app is affiliated with.

13.1.2. Each club must enter their FULL SCORECARDS for each of their senior & junior teams in the online MyCricket system before the required times.

13.1.3. Any disputes concerning online data must be lodged in MyCricket by midday Sunday (9pm for Sunday games)

13.1.4 Reporting Times (NOTE: Umpire reports must also be lodged online-see BL 16)

13.1.4.a. All senior & junior TEAMS must be entered before the start of the match (NOTE: late changes can still be made, but initial team must be entered, so the opposition can enter their statistics. Late changes must be made by the match results cut-off times).

13.1.4.b. Match RESULTS by 10pm Saturday

13.1.4.c. SCORECARDS by midday Sunday

13.1.4.d. OPPOSITION DISMISSALS & all other reporting (including but not limited to; votes & umpire reports) by 6pm Sunday

13.1.4.e. Sunday games  ALL reporting must be completed by 8pm Sunday

13.1.5 The PENALTY for each individual breach shall be a $60 fine for all A-grade divisions & $50 fine for all other senior & junior grades.

13.2. Player Votes (For Grades where umpires are not appointed);

13.2.1. All clubs are to enter the league player votes for all senior grades online (for grades as set by the Board of Management at the start of each season) by 6pm Sunday (8pm for Sunday games) PENALTY: $50 fine.

13.3. Late Reporting

13.3.1. Any late online reporting must be completed by midday Friday after the match has concluded. PENALTY: Additional $60 fine + LOSS of all match points for the round. (see also BL1.5)

13.4. Match Disputes (see also 13.1.3.)

13.4.1. In the case of a dispute on match results the Records Secretary will investigate the dispute & where no definitive result can be obtained, the official result will be taken from the home sides records.


14.1. Press reports will be obtained from the online MyCricket reporting system (see BL13).


15.1. Clubs as well as Captains shall be responsible for the maintenance of order by their team members & supporters before, during & after the match.

15.2. The Tribunal shall hear reports made against any registered player, umpire, team, club official or club who is charged with any of the following:

15.2.1 Social Media Breach - This is not subject to occurring on the day of a match.

15.2.2 Level 1 Player Conduct Breach (definition listed in R24.)

15.2.3 Level 2 Player Conduct Breach (definition listed in R24.)

15.2.4 Level 3 Player Conduct Breach (definition listed in R24.)

15.2.5 Level 4 Player Conduct Breach (definition listed in R24.)

15.2.6 Misconduct committed by a non-playing member/spectator - same as per the 4 levels of the player conduct breaches listed above, with the level of misconduct to be listed in the charge.

15.3. Purchase &/or consumption of intoxicating liquor by participating players at the ground is forbidden during the hours of play.

15.3.1. The penalty for the first reported offence will be loss of all points for the team for that round (see also BL1.5) and suspension of the player.

15.3.2. The Penalty for any subsequent offence by any player, from any team from the same club shall be that all teams of the club will lose any match & bonus points for the round where the offence occurred;

15.3.2.a. the match points will not be given to the opposition.

15.3.2.b. Offending players will be suspended for the next match.

15.4. Smoking on the playing field is strictly prohibited. Penalty $50 for each offence.

15.5. Charges reports from captains, players or clubs must be made verbally to the WGCA Secretary within 24 hours & confirmed in writing signed by an officer of the club & reach the WGCA Secretary by the Monday following the days play of the occurrence. A copy must be forwarded to the offending club or umpire within the same period.

15.6. In matches where appointed umpires are present; at the conclusion of each days play, captains, or their deputies shall consult each other & the umpires at matches to notify whether any charge reports are to be made.

15.7. Written charge reports by umpires must be given to the captains concerned as soon as practicable after the completion of the days play. A verbal notification must be given to the WGCA Secretary of the Association within 24 hours, which must be confirmed with a written copy of the report by the Monday following the completion of the days play during which such a report is made. Failure to comply will result in no action being taken.

15.8. Official Warnings may be given by umpires to players for poor conduct. Such warnings will be notified to captains at the end of each days play & recorded in the Umpires Report Book, a copy of which will be lodged with the club, as well as the WGCA Secretary.

15.9. The Board of Management shall have the authority to send any player who receives a Warning to the Tribunal.

15.10. Reported players have the option of accepting a suspension as per BL15.12 which may avert the necessity of them appearing before the tribunal.

15.10.1. The reported player, must notify his Club secretary as soon as possible after they have decided whether:

(a) they wish to have the charge heard, or

(b) they elect to accept the suspension.

15.10.2. The WGCA Secretary must be notified of this decision as soon as possible (no later than on the Monday following the conclusion of the match).

15.10.3. It should be noted that the reporting umpire, official, player or body &/or the Board of Management of the Association may still elect to have the report heard by the tribunal, regardless of the reported players decision.

15.11. Any person who is currently serving a suspension or who is not completely financial with their former club &/or Association shall be ineligible to play, officiate or be registered within the Association

15.12. Any person/body reported, including but not limited to; participating players & spectators, shall have the option of accepting the prescribed penalty listed below, or electing for the matter to be heard by an independent tribunal or other body as determined by the Board of Management:

15.13. Any person/body electing to appear before the Tribunal/other body hearing the charge/s & found guilty shall receive an additional two (2) weeks suspension added to the minimum required suspension listed in BL15, unless that person/body successfully argues a downgrading of the charge; in which case the additional 2 weeks suspension shall not apply.

15.14. The MINIMUM required penalties for proven charges are as follows:

15.2.1 Social Media Breach - 4 playing weeks

15.2.2 Level 1 Player Conduct Breach  2 playing weeks

15.2.3 Level 2 Player Conduct Breach  4 playing weeks

15.2.4 Level 3 Player Conduct Breach  6 playing weeks

15.2.5 Level 4 Player Conduct Breach  10 playing weeks

15.2.6 Misconduct committed by a non-playing member/spectator - same as per the 4 levels of the player conduct breaches listed above, with the level of misconduct to be listed in the charge.

15.15. All suspensions imposed by an Independent Tribunal shall include all WGCA competition matches, representative matches & any other matches recognised by the Association, VCCL, Cricket Victoria &/or Cricket Australia unless otherwise stated in the verdict.

15.16. Any person/s or body (respondent) whose charges are being heard by an independent tribunal or other body convened for the purpose of hearing the matter along with the person/s or body making the complaint (complainant); shall have the right to be represented by an advocate, who shall not be a professional legal representative, nor work in the legal profession in any way nor be studying to become a legal professional or be any form of legal teacher.

15.16.1. Both the complainant/s & respondent/s shall also have the right to call upon up to two (2) eyewitnesses & one (1) character witness during the hearing.


Umpire’s report forms are no longer required to be submitted. Should the Captain have any

concerns/comments on the umpire’s performance during the match, they shall send an email to the Umpire’s Advisor. Should no email be received by either Captain or Club Administrator then

judgement of the Umpire’s performance shall be deemed proficient for the level of competition.



17.1. The fees payable to umpires for both home & away matches & finals matches shall be set by the W.G.C.A. at the Affiliation Meeting each year.

17.2. Each club shall provide half the total fees payable to the umpires in attendance, on each day of the match, such payments to be made at the tea break.

17.3. In games where the days play is called off due to wet weather, provided the umpires are in attendance at the stipulated starting time, umpire payments will be as follows. These times are regardless of whether play has commenced or not;

17.3.1 For games called off within 30 minutes of the scheduled staring time, no umpire payment is required.

17.3.2 For matches called off between 30 minutes and 60 minutes after the stipulated starting time, then the umpires shall receive half fees.

17.3.3 If a game is called off after 60 minutes from the stipulated starting time, then the umpires shall receive full fees.

17.4. Umpires appointed for matches of more than one days duration shall receive the fees for one day only should such a match be completed in one day.

17.5. When only one umpire is in attendance he will officiate at each bowling end.

17.6. The cost of Umpires for Finals shall be levied upon each of the senior teams of every club as listed in the directory at a rate determined by the Board of Management. The Association shall make payment to the umpires of finals & member clubs shall pay their levy by 1 March. Failure to pay the levy by the due date may incur a fine.


18.1. Time Of Arrival & Failure To Attend

18.1.1. Umpires must be at the ground at least 30 minutes before the scheduled starting time.

18.1.2. Failure of an Umpire to arrive on time or, attend a match to which he has been appointed, without a reasonable excuse, must be reported to the Chairman of the Umpires Appointment Panel as soon as practicable.

18.2. Local Conditions

18.2.1. The umpires &/or opposition captain must ascertain from the captain of the home team, particulars of all boundaries before the commencement of play all fenced, walled boundaries are to be flagged, roped, line marked or marked with discs or witches hats no more than 10 meters and no less than 3 meters .

18.2.2. The boundaries of each ground, unless of a permanent nature, shall be marked by distinguishing marks or by flags.

18.2.3. Grounds with goal posts, seats, immovable objects, are within or outside the boundary are to be flagged off no more than 10 meters and no less than 3 meters

18.2.4. Failure to mark the grounds where required shall result in a $50 fine, if an umpire is present or a report is be received by the Board of Management.


18.3.1. Umpires shall give warning to the captain of each team five minutes before the scheduled time of play in each match.


18.4.1. Umpires shall record in score books the times when play is interrupted & again when play, if any, is resumed.


18.5.1. At the conclusion of each match, paid umpires must complete the umpires match report  form in MyCricket. This form shall contain details of conditions under which the match was played & should record:

18.5.1.a. Names of players incorrectly attired as defined in R20. Fine $20.

18.5.1.b. Names of players or officials smoking on the field. BL15.4. Fine $50

18.5.1.c. Names of players consuming alcohol during the match. BL15.3. Fine $200

18.5.1.d. Details of inadequate crease markings or stumps & bails or grass encroaching on the pitch. Fine $20.

18.5.1.e. Details of boundaries which are ill defined BL18.2. Fine $20.

18.5.1.f. Details of poor pitches or outfields. Referred to the Association Board of Management.

18.5.1.g. Names of players spoken to &/or placed on a minor report or charged.

18.6. Umpires shall warn clubs on the first day of a match to attend to the above matters & if they have not been attended to before completing the report on the second day, then the fines will be imposed.


19.1. Umpires must wear the authorized umpires uniform as set by the West Gippsland Cricket Umpires Association or a white shirt & white hat with dark trousers & white shoes..


20.1. Any selected player in an Association team who fails to play, although selected & who does not have a reasonable explanation, shall be suspended for one club match.

20.2. This rule shall apply even to selected players who with-draw after the Thursday prior to any scheduled representative matches.

20.3. A manager of each Association team shall be appointed from the Board of Management and/or selection committee.

20.4. Umpires & scorers shall also be appointed.


21.1. The Association Treasurer shall keep the Board of Management & the member clubs apprised of the current financial standing of the Association at each of their meetings.

21.1.1. Each report to the Board of Management must cover the period from the previous meeting to the current meeting.

21.1.2. Each report to club delegates shall cover the period from the previous delegates meeting to the current meeting.

 21.1.3. The Annual General Meeting & the Affiliation meeting are considered delegates meetings with respect to this by-law.

21.2. At each Board of Management & club delegates meeting the treasurer shall provide detailed reports as listed below:

                21.2.1. Financial reports:

21.2.1.a. A receipts & payments statement

21.2.1.b. A list of debtors & creditors including an age listing of the debtors.

21.2.1.c. A list of accounts which have previously been approved for payment but not yet paid.

21.2.1.d. A list of any bad debts which are proposed to be written off.

21.2.1.e. A list of fines.

21.2.1.f. A short statement on the financial position of the Association.

21.2.1.g. A bank reconciliation statement.

21.2.1.h. A budget for each special event (i.e. presentation night etc).

21.2.2. All reports must cover the period from the previous Board of Management meeting to the next.

21.3. Each cheque must be signed by two Board of Management members of the Association of which one shall be the treasurer. The two signatures must not be directly related. At least three signatures must be listed with the bank for signing purposes.

21.4. In the absence of an elected Treasurer the Board of Management shall appoint one of their own committee to carry out the functions of Treasurer.

21.5. Before any accounts or expenses are paid they must first be approved at a Board of Management meeting.

21.6. Expenses Board of Management members incur while carrying out their roles on the Board of Management must be put before the Board of Management meeting, by that Board of Management member with documentation before approval can be given. In the absence of that Board of Management member, he must place it in writing & sign it with the appropriate documentation before approval can be given. A likely list of what the Board of Management considers as incidental expenses incurred should be listed & passed at the first Board of Management meeting after the Annual General Meeting & reported to the delegates at their first meeting after the Annual General Meeting.

21.7. The Treasurer shall obtain a monthly statement from the bank & reconcile this with their figures. Each reconciliation shall be written down & reported at the next Board of Management meeting.

21.8. All financial reports given at any Delegates or Board of Management meetings must be included in the minutes of that meeting.

21.9. All formats of the financial reports listed above shall be approved at a Board of Management meeting & be submitted to the delegates at their next meeting.


22.1 Any player may apply to the Association Board of Management to ask for dispensation from any laws of cricket that would otherwise prevent him from playing in the long term. The WGCA Secretary shall inform the player in writing the decision of the Board of Management. If the dispensation is granted the player shall carry this letter or copy of it to all matches he plays in within the Association.


23.1. All clubs shall be required to comply with the requirements of player points. The first XI team of any club may comprise any mix of players, provided the total number of points allocated does not exceed the match points as defined in BL23.6.

23.2. At the commencement of a season, all clubs shall be required to submit a list of players to the WGCA MyCricket Manager, proposed to play in its first XI. This list shall include the players names, the season they commenced with the club and the player type in accordance with BL24.8.

23.2.1. Such a list shall include the players last five seasons record.

23.1.2. This initial list shall be submitted to the WGCA MyCricket Manager at least 14 days prior to the first match for approval. Once approved the list will be posted on the WGCA website and MyCricket.

23.2 Additional players may be added to this list during the season and must be submitted prior to the first match for which the player is required.

23.3 Clubs failing to have a player listed on the official player points list prior to a match shall be fined $100.

23.4 Clubs whose total match points exceed the total match points as defined in BL23.7 shall lose match points gained for that match or be fined $150 if no points have been gained.

23.5 All players, other than type one, will have their points allocation reduced by one point following the completion of the first two seasons at their club. Points will reduce by one point for each subsequent season until they reach one point status.

23.6 A club may request an assessment from the Player Points subcommittee to determine the activation points for any new players that do not fit into the guidelines.

23.7 Total match points will be 21 points. A club may submit a request to the Board of Management for special consideration if extenuating circumstances may exist. Decisions will be published on the WGCA website and include reasons for variation.

23.8. PLAYER TYPES (Based on the highest standard played in the previous five seasons.)

23.8.1. Base Player  played as junior, or only ever played as senior, at the club. 1 point.

23.8.2. Other Affiliate  Played at another WGCA club other than 1st XI, played VCCL comp or state equivalent, hasnt played in previous 5 seasons, played VMCU, VSDCA or equivalent 2nd,3rd,4th XI, or Premier 3rd,4th XI. 2 points.

23.8.3. WGCA, VSDCA  Played at another WGCA club 1st XI, VSDCA 1st XI; Premier 2nd XI. 3 points.

23.8.4. Premier/ Overseas  Premier 1st XI, Overseas (Competition to be assessed by Player points sub-committee). 4 points.

23.8.5. International  First Class player. 5 points.


24.1. A player who directly or indirectly receives any monetary consideration or any form of financial advantage in any connection with coaching or playing cricket for a WGCA club shall deemed to be a professional cricketer.


25.1. Defined as anyone entering Australia on a Temporary Entrance Sports Visa.

25.2. Each club shall be permitted to have one overseas player.

25.3. A club must obtain the approval of the WGCA Board of Management prior to the engagement of each overseas player each season.


26.2. All clubs must supply a statement of their finances (in the format determined by the WGCA) to their annual Meeting, the Consumer Affairs & to the WGCA by May 31st after each season. Failure to do so will incur a fine of $100.


27.1. All clubs must hold their Annual meeting prior to May 20th each year & immediately forward their new office bearers & audited statement to the WGCA by 31st May from the 2000/2001 season commencing on 1st May 2000. Failure to do so will incur a fine

27.2. All clubs must adopt the Association Financial year of 1st May to 30th April beginning on 1st May 2000. Failure to do so will incur a fine.


28.1. WWCCs are compulsory under Australian legislation. Any person over the age of 18 who has regular unsupervised contact with any child under the age of 18 MUST have a current WWCC or pending application. The WGCA policy for WWCCs is that the following people MUST have a WWCC: Club Presidents, Secretaries, Treasurers, Junior Coordinators, In2Cricket Coordinators, Senior Coaches, Senior Team Captains, Junior Team Coaches/Managers & any other person over the age of 18 who has REGULAR UNSUPERVISED contact with children. Cricket Victoria, the VCCL & the WGCA do not recognize the exemption for parents who have a child participating & require a WWCC to be completed in these cases in order to maximize the protection of children involved in cricket. All members of the WGCA Board of Management & its Appointed Officers are also required to have a WWCCs.

28.2. Clubs must have a designated person to keep a record of who has a WWCC within their club.

28.3. All clubs must advise the details (name, card number & expiry date) of those who hold a WWCC card to the WGCA Secretary & Records Secretary prior to the commencement of each season.

28.3.1. For any person who has a WWCC application pending approval, a copy of the application receipt from Australia Post should be forwarded as an interim measure

28.3.2. Once the application has been approved, the WWCC details must immediately be forwarded to the Association.

28.4. In cases where a person takes over a role that requires a WWCC to be completed after the commencement of the season, the club has 14 days to forward a copy of the application receipt from Australia Post.

28.5. The PENALTY for failure to supply WWCC details to the Association shall be $50 for each instance.


29.1. Ground Condition Reports are a legal & insurance requirement & must be completed by the home team at every WGCA match in every grade (including juniors) prior to play commencing on each days play & be signed by both clubs competing in the match.

29.2. In the cases where there is more than 1 match played on the same ground on the same day, then the form filled out prior to the commencement of the first match may be used for any subsequent matches, so long as the condition of the ground has not significantly altered from any earlier match & that all competing clubs sign off on the original report, otherwise a new report must be completed & signed by all competing clubs thereafter.

29.3. These reports must also be kept on file for the required period of time as stated in the relevant statutory laws.

29.4. The Board of Management may conduct random audits of any club to ensure that these reports are being completed & kept on file. PENALTY for non-compliance $100.